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Meet Ryan VanVoast…Ryan is an electrical engineer for a consulting firm downtown. He is married to a wonderful wife and has two beautiful girls one is 3-1/2 and her sister is almost 2. Ryan has two very large dogs (a combined weight of about 225 lbs.) that complete their family. Most people don’t know he was a Navy Search and Rescue swimmer. 

Ryan loves CrossFit, hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, skiing, movies, swimming, guitar, golf, traveling, and just about anything outdoors, and of course spending time with his family. 

Ryan recalls starting CrossFit in May of 2012. He had been driving by the sign on the street almost every day and was very curious about it. He needed to do something to get himself in better shape with the hopes of being fit by 40.  He went to the intro class with Sifu, did the baseline workout, he says, “I think it took me about 15-20 minutes... not Rx’d, and it kicked my butt. That was it, I was hooked and I’ve been trying to come to the 5:30 AM class every day since.”

When asked what has been difficult for him about CrossFit, he said he is not very flexible so the mobility aspects have been great for him to work on. While you would never know Ryan has any trouble areas, he says that as far as some of the exercises go these are some of his troubled areas... muscle ups, double unders, the technically difficult lifts like the snatch, clean and jerks, power cleans, etc. Ryan says he always has something to work on.

The challenge for Ryan has been consistently waking up for the 5:30 AM class and thrusters. He is not a morning person but he keeps coming because he loves it and he tries to make it one of the best hours of the day. “Kids and dogs willing.” 

Ryan is motivated by seeing improvements and changes through his hard work, physically and mentally. He likes to be challenged physically and go to that uncomfortable place in a workout and understands that being uncomfortable is where the improvements happen. He enjoys documenting all of the workouts to periodically review and see his progressions and in some cases the regressions. Ryan says, “Thanks to CrossFit I have never been stronger.” 

Something that has been rewarding for Ryan was signing up and competing in the games last year. He said, “It was a lot of fun, and I am better at life!”

Ryan chose CrossFit East Millcreek because it is literally about 3 minutes from his house. He loves the coaches and other athletes and thinks they’re great; he enjoys the friendly atmosphere and likes that they cater to busy professionals. He contributes his success to the positive atmosphere of the gym.

Ryan’s future goals include mastering the double under, improving his flexibility and mobility, the snatch technique and the other Olympic lifts.  Most importantly he says,  “He needs to improve his diet!”

Way to go Ryan! You Rock!

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